Sorry we are not doing school visits at this time. Effective 05.01.20

Baxter presents his books to Kindergarten through Sixth grade classes. Preferably to the largest groups possible in the Cafeteria, Multi-purpose Room, Auditorium, or Media Center.

Baxter performs a brief biographical and historical introduction, then he reads his story to the children, followed by a question and answer session, and further captivating his audience through riveting, interactive, and hilarious storytelling complete with audience participation. Baxter’s example is inspiring, and sings a constant song of literacy and creativity. See recommendations: 1, 2

Kindergarten through 6th grade presentations last 45 minutes

The presentation concludes with a question and answer session, where the children may ask questions regarding what it's like to be an author. He steers the answers toward how important reading and writing are for personal creativity. He also explains the value of learning to write and edit well. He then conveys the importance of dreaming big and saving your works for future inspiration. 

Below are Printable PDF's of materials you may wish to use in your classroom.

"Write a Story" -- A one page lined sheet with mouse artwork. PDF

"Write a Stinky Toe Story" -- A one page lined sheet with mouse artwork. PDF

"Write a Story about Pengo" - A writing prompt with a character drawn by Baxter.PDF

Coloring Page - Actual sketch of a page from the book. PDF

Q & A -- PDF

School Program - Book Order Form PDF


Book Sales:   One week before Baxter arrives for his presentation, an informative order form should be sent with your students giving their parents an opportunity to purchase an autographed copy for their child. We will trade out order forms and checks after his presentation, or you can collect all the money and write us one check and and we will be happy to send you signed books after kids have an opportunity to bring their checks back to school. The second option gives kids, after seeing the presentation,  a chance to purchase a book.

For Stragglers: Parents can send the order form directly to Drumstick Media,
and we will ship the autographed book directly to the parents address.

Q: What is the price of your program?

A: We do not charge for the program at this time (in most cases). We consider Baxter's story and self published book an educational experience for Baxter and the kids, and to date we have incured most expenses. We may ask for expenses to be paid if extended distances or stays are involved. See Below.

Montana Schools and Libraries within 50 mile radius of Whitefish

There is no charge for the program or expenses for schools within 50 mile radius of Whitefish, MT, We consider this an educational opportunity for Baxter and wish to bring a positive impact to each and every school or library he visits. We want to be accessible to every school in our home area so local children can by encouraged to dream big by a local "Kid Author! "

Baxter must be able to offer his book for sale to the students. See above - Book Sales. Baxter does accept honorariums to help with expenses, if the school budget allows for such events, but they are not required.

Outside the area or out of state

There may be a fee up to the actual cost of our expenses, and he must be able to offer his book for sale to the students. This fee may INCLUDE (in other words, we use the fee to cover the following expenses):

- Up to 4 presentations daily
- Travel Expenses
- Car rental
- Accommodations
- Meals
- Shipments of Autographed books

Partnering with any other schools is a good idea.
 Complimentary autographed copy for school library

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning this or any other information.
(406) 250.4107

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